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Artists (was: Poll ideas?)

Steve Baker wrote:

[game design]
>> I have never seen anyone who has studied these materials, nor any reference
>> material on the web.
>No - me either.  It would be great to find someone who was an acknowledged
>expert on this stuff who could write some tutorials.  I get the impression
>that what these guys do is more of a science than an art (although I could
>be wrong about that) - and hence it's something that we rule-oriented
>programmer types could get our head around if they were clearly stated.

I disagree. I think it's more a thing of "getting a feel for it", like
good cooks know what tastes well, what tastes too strong, what kind
of dessert should be served after meal X etc.

>I was thinking that slanting the list's charter to explicitly connect artists
>with programmers - but to make it sound like the programmers on the list are
>hungry for artists and would treat them with god-like awe - leaping to write
>code to do whatever it would take to realise the artist's own goals.
>OK, that's not exactly how it would work - but the very shortage of good
>(OpenSource) artists and the glut of (OpenSource) programmers would indeed
>result in a reversal of the usual "Programmers are Gods - Artists are 10cents
>a dozen" mentality that's prevelent in the commercial arena.

.. and that thought should be very appealing to artists. The problem is
just that to get that idea across we have to make it happen (have the
artists' names associated with many OSS games), which requires that we
attract enough artists, ...

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