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Re: Poll ideas?

Joel Utting wrote:

> Like a game review site for free, developing games only ? Maybe it would
> be good for pooling resources between games projects from a list which
> all projects could subscribe ?

I was thinking of something much more private - so that authors would be
saved the possible embarassment of a public ripping apart of their hard work...and
more anonymous so that the people doing the criticizing would know that they
were not about to make instant enemies of the people they were trying to help.
That would also prevent it all deteriorating into a flamefest.

> > > If we want to set up a game artist mailing list, I can host the list (but I
> > > have a very slow uplink and very puny machine for my mail server). I can always
> > > slap a bigger hdd in the thing and put several lists on it. Or we could use one
> > > of the free mailing list services at the cost of an advertisement chunk on
> > > them.
> >
> > We could easily set one up as a project under Sourceforge - they'll accept
> > almost anything. (eg "A project to collect OpenSourced artwork for games"...
> > which incidentally contains the mailing list we want to set up).  Their
> > mailing lists contain no adverts - and they have good fast servers and fast
> > connections to the net.
> CVS modules for all different types of artwork ? Have you looked through
> the game section on sourceforge lately ? Phew, lots of little projects,
> many don't seem to have more then an idea.

(That's what happens when it's a totally free service - still, if they
aren't consuming much storage or bandwidth - why should sourceforge care?)

Anyway, I wasn't really thinking of this being a real sourceforge project -
just a way to get a mailing list for free without adverts and junk...but
once it's running - why not?  ...in any case, there are plenty of other ways
to get a free mailing list.

CVS for artwork?!? Wow!  Open-Artwork.  Now there's a concept to toy with:

I post a picture of this "Mona Lisa" gal who I've just painted...then other
people submit 'patches' to it because they don't like the way the eyes "follow
you round the room" !  <giggle>  :-)
Cool...but a bit radical, I think you might have a hard time selling
*that* concept - although people have done worse to my code under CVS!

> On this page might be links and "getting started/quick start" guides to
> the programs which games use to produce their artwork. Their are several
> modellers and image editors out their, but at various stages of
> development, with not even the most simple documentation.

Yep - that would be a good thing.

However, I think that getting a dialog going between artists and
programmers would be a good first step - once we know what everyone's
needs are, THEN we can think about web site content.  It's quite likely
that those artistic types might not LIKE the way that programmers
document a particular tool.  Remember - we don't think the same way.

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