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Re: Poll ideas?

Steve Baker wrote:
> Erik wrote:
> >
> > Maybe it'd be less of a burden if it were handled as a combination of reviews
> > with an emphasis on game design (most game reviews seem to be xxx is prettier
> > than yyy), and possibly a Q&A forum, like that 'ask hook' thing?
> Hmmm - maybe even a 'peer review' system would work.  At some time during the
> development of a game, we could toss it open to (say) the people on this
> list and ask everyone to write a detailed critique.  We tend to either
> politely say "Cool" or write something off as "Junk" - perhaps if it were
> made clear that what is wanted is a detailed critique - and that the
> replies would be both anonymous (on the reviewers side) and private (in
> that only the game author(s) would see them)...?
> Dunno though - it could still just be the blind leading the blind - we'd
> probably end up listing bugs, compilation and configuration problems, etc -
> rather than game-play issues and things that we can't recognise as problems
> without help.

Like a game review site for free, developing games only ? Maybe it would
be good for pooling resources between games projects from a list which
all projects could subscribe ?

> > If we want to set up a game artist mailing list, I can host the list (but I
> > have a very slow uplink and very puny machine for my mail server). I can always
> > slap a bigger hdd in the thing and put several lists on it. Or we could use one
> > of the free mailing list services at the cost of an advertisement chunk on
> > them.
> We could easily set one up as a project under Sourceforge - they'll accept
> almost anything. (eg "A project to collect OpenSourced artwork for games"...
> which incidentally contains the mailing list we want to set up).  Their
> mailing lists contain no adverts - and they have good fast servers and fast
> connections to the net.

CVS modules for all different types of artwork ? Have you looked through
the game section on sourceforge lately ? Phew, lots of little projects,
many don't seem to have more then an idea.

On this page might be links and "getting started/quick start" guides to
the programs which games use to produce their artwork. Their are several
modellers and image editors out their, but at various stages of
development, with not even the most simple documentation.

Bye - Joel.

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