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Re: Poll ideas?

Philipp Guehring wrote:
> > You know what *might* be interesting?   I wonder if we could get someone
> > like RedHat or SuSE to recruit and employ a professional game designer to
> > check out all the freeware games out there and spend his life making
> > intelligent suggestions to everyone out there.
> I am currently trying to get a company to raise the money for that. The
> question is: How should we hire?

For your own game designer - or for a public resource person whom any game
author could ask for help?

I've been out of the commercial games business for too long to know who
to approach or where to look.

> > > We cannot give them money, so we have to find other ways. There're two ways I can
> > > think of off the top of my head.
> > >
> > > 1) give them the software they want. Generating quality software for artists is
> > >    no easy task, and the efforts to make quality software for artistic purposes
> > >    are for the most part immature (gimp is a stark abberation).
> >
> > That's certainly true.
> Yes, one still big problem is a good 3D modeller, as far as I know.

Well, the usual answers are:

1) Use Blender - which has a user interface that most people literally cannot
             live with (although some people seem to *adore* it).

2) Use Windoze - it's not hard to load 3DS models (either in 3DS format or
             via a custom plugin exporter).  We might *prefer* our models
             to be built under Linux - but I know I wouldn't turn down a
             model that was built under Windoze.  Anyone who is currently
             a 3D artist must (presumably) have access to a Windoze modeller.
             ...maybe not at home though.

3) Use AC3D - it's not a *great* modeller - but it's certainly usable - it's
             what I use.

4) Support PrettyPoly - which is dying for lack of effort. (I'm committed to
             not letting it die - even if I have to finish it by myself - but
             it's a lot of work).  I've not been contributing to it recently -
             I've been having a hard time at my paying job - and I needed a
             break from 'serious' work like PPE...but once TuxKart is out the
             door, I'm going back to work on it as my main 'homework' job.
             It *WILL* happen - it's just a matter of whether it'll take
             six months or two years.

5) There are lots of other 3D modellers for Linux - but AFAIK, none of them
             are really oriented to doing games-style modelling - they all
             seem oriented towards POVray-type raytraced renderers.

But you are right - we *need* a good 3D modeller.

> > Perhaps we need to hit the GIMP list.  They do things like have competitions
> > for artwork - which seem to be pretty well attended.  Perhaps we just need
> Yes, and the Povray competitions are great too!

But what a terrible waste of effort!   All that effort - now collecting virtual
dust in a web site gallery that nobody visits.
> > Perhaps a good first start would be to set up a mailing list forum called something
> > like "Artists and Programmers united towards making quality games" - and post an
> > announcement of the creation of that list on the mailing lists of every 2D paint
> > program and 3D modeller we can think of.
> >
> > If we slanted the description as "there are all these programmers out there just
> > ready to jump at the opportunity to take your great artwork and turn it into a
> > living, breathing game...imagine what that could do to bring your portofolio
> > before the eyes of potential employers."
> Good idea! Let´s realize it!

OK - what next?

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