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Re: Poll ideas?

> You know what *might* be interesting?   I wonder if we could get someone
> like RedHat or SuSE to recruit and employ a professional game designer to
> check out all the freeware games out there and spend his life making
> intelligent suggestions to everyone out there.

I am currently trying to get a company to raise the money for that. The
question is: How should we hire?

> > We cannot give them money, so we have to find other ways. There're two ways I can
> > think of off the top of my head.
> > 
> > 1) give them the software they want. Generating quality software for artists is
> >    no easy task, and the efforts to make quality software for artistic purposes
> >    are for the most part immature (gimp is a stark abberation).
> That's certainly true.

Yes, one still big problem is a good 3D modeller, as far as I know.

> Perhaps we need to hit the GIMP list.  They do things like have competitions
> for artwork - which seem to be pretty well attended.  Perhaps we just need

Yes, and the Povray competitions are great too!

> Perhaps a good first start would be to set up a mailing list forum called something
> like "Artists and Programmers united towards making quality games" - and post an
> announcement of the creation of that list on the mailing lists of every 2D paint
> program and 3D modeller we can think of.
> If we slanted the description as "there are all these programmers out there just
> ready to jump at the opportunity to take your great artwork and turn it into a
> living, breathing game...imagine what that could do to bring your portofolio
> before the eyes of potential employers."

Good idea! Let´s realize it!

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