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Re: Poll ideas?

Erik wrote:

>Artists are definitly a group we want to attract and support, based on the last
>poll. Possibly the poll could be oriented towards art people? Like a "prefered
>art: 1) hand drawn/cartoon like  2) 3d photorealistic rendered 3) whatever I
>can download for free" type poll? (mebbe coerce a gimp guru into writing
>articles on using gimp for games, or blender, or ...)
>My personal opinion on the state of linux games is that we have the programming
>ability, the game design ability, and the desire. We lack the other peices that
>go into games, so we should encourage the people who fulfill these other
>peices. Most programmers probably have a mentality that these other components
>are less worthy of respect than laying code, but that kind of attitude is not
>helping good games get out the door..

Good thoughts. What about, well, *extending* them a bit? Perhaps towards
1.5 to 2 nice little pages? Written in a way that makes it suitable to be
also featured on an *artist* site? Including some comments / examples from
the game authors here who already have good (& playable of course) games
yet are looking for an artist to make it also *look* good?

Christian Reiniger
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