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Re: Linux game development site mentioned in Linux Magazine

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:
>Just wanted to let everyone know that our web site was mentioned in the
>latest issue of Linux Magazine. The review was not real real favorable but
>could generate more interest.

(I already knew this but) Good. Now we just need to make sure that all
these people flooding the site see that it's alive and kicking and well
worth to be visited more often...

Parasite - do you now have the time to work on the code?
Randall - are you fine again?
Erik - how's the lib database doing?
Others - who has some spare time?


Christian Reiniger
Coordinator/Coder, PenguinPlay (http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/)
Coordinator,       LGDC        (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)

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