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Re: Poll ideas?

Steve Baker wrote:

>> What about this: I know a (really) good Quake multiplayer map designer
>> living nearby. I'll contact him today, meet him (not neccessarily today) and
>> interview him about what he expects from his tools & game engine, what he
>> dislikes etc. From that I'll assemble some "wishlist" doc.
>Try to keep him from making it too much FPS-oriented though.  Just getting
>a wish-list for the Quake tools won't help much.

Ok, I just met him. Things *are* FPS-oriented 'cause that's what he
knows, but much (at least in the "tools" area) is at least usable for 3d
graphics in general.
I think I can write a summary of what we talked etc later today. It was
not as productive as a "look at the new version of X - what do you
like/miss?" discussion over a longer time and there's few surprising
things, but it was IMO nevertheless worth it.
Well, as I said, details are coming later ;)

>> - Are we willing to listen, to write real "whishlist" documents containing
>> the individual snippets that came up on the mailing list and to keep these
>> documents up-to-date?
>Dunno about *that* - there would presumably be a list archive...I'd
>be just as happy to learn by listening.

I think some summarizing should happen, especially if the list turns out
to have a highish volume *cough*, but that'll propably be some informal

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