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Re: DungeonMaker 1.0 released

On Thursday 31 May 2001 23:22, you wrote:

<snip crap that should be on an announce list>

> The dungeons generated by the DungeonMaker1.0 tend to have a maze-like
> character. For version 2.0 I have two major plans: Enable the program to
> place random rooms, and implement a genetic algorithm that based on
> quality-ratings for dungeons evolves the parameters in the stats-file to
> yield optimal dungeons. This can be used by letting the user enter quality
> ratings according to his preference, so that users can play in dungeons
> that are individually adapted to their taste, or by basing the rating on
> user performance to balance the game.

Why bother with user interation for selection of good/bad dungeons? A number 
of factors will give away whether a random dungeon is suitable for a player: 
time taken, kills (assuming there's killing), number of time play died etc 
etc. You should use these to work out whether a particular dungeon is good 
for a player, and ignore what the player recommend (people are scum (you 
being a good example), and they will use any chance they get to cheat).


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