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Re: DungeonMaker 1.0 released

>Why bother with user interation for selection of good/bad dungeons? A number 
>of factors will give away whether a random dungeon is suitable for a player: 
>time taken, kills (assuming there's killing), number of time play died etc 
>etc. You should use these to work out whether a particular dungeon is good 
>for a player, and ignore what the player recommend (people are scum (you 
>being a good example), and they will use any chance they get to cheat).

You are right, if there is scoring, most players will probably rate dungeons
higher if they think they can score better there, which would probably lead
to extreme and unattractive dungeons. On the other hand, parameters such as
time taken, kills, and player deaths would largely depend on the difficulty
level, which I envision to be independent of the dungeon parameters. It
would be possible to evolve dungeons behind the scene as part of dynamic
difficulty balancing, but I don't think that alone is worth the considerable
effort that would be needed to implement dungeon evolution.

What I was actually thinking about (naively, perhaps) was to give the player
the capability to rate dungeons for "aesthetic pleasure" and "fun of playing
them", and thus making it possible to individually optimize players'
enjoyment of the game.

So Mark thinks that would be useless because every gamer just wants to score
high and would subvert any such idyllic intentions I might have. I think
Mark may well be right, and I am considering scrapping the whole
evolutionary thing from DungeonMaker2. Is there anyone out there who thinks
it might be a useful feature to have after all?

Peter Henningsen
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