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Re: Games, games and games

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:
> me@thisisnurgle.org.uk (Mark Collins) writes:
> > What I want to know is what sort of games people would be buy for
> > Linux/BSD/SOlaris/Whatever. I expect Loki's regular offerings of
> > 'Yet Another FPS' isn't the sort of thing Linux users generally go
> > in for.
> >
> > In my personal experience, Linux users tend to be into RPGs/RTS',
> > and not gorefests.

Actually, I like Q3 and UT, but I would *kill* for Might&Magic 8 on
Linux :(((( I still wonder why Loki did not port it. Maybe because it's
not written with OpenGL, but Direct X?

Given that they ported Eric's solitaire, which is doomed to lose against
Pysol, I guess they could port MM[678] as well :(((


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