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Re: Games, games and games

me@thisisnurgle.org.uk (Mark Collins) writes:

> What I want to know is what sort of games people would be buy for
> Linux/BSD/SOlaris/Whatever. I expect Loki's regular offerings of
> 'Yet Another FPS' isn't the sort of thing Linux users generally go
> in for.
> In my personal experience, Linux users tend to be into RPGs/RTS',
> and not gorefests.
> Opinions?

Instead of telling you what I personally like, I thought I would tell
a bit about what Loki games seems to be selling.  Yes, Loki has
non-FPS games, and yes, I _do_ have some background for saying what I
am going to say.

Civ-style games seems to sell very good.  Both CivCTP and Alpha
Centauri are selling very well.  Other top sellers are Quake III and
Soldier of Fortune.  Heroes of Might and Magic III are also very

Several of the other FPS games have not sold very well to my
knowledge, so simply Yet-Another-FPS is not good enough.  But the top
FPS games sell very well, but I guess it is crucial for such a game to
first become a top-seller on Windows, as the multiplayer stuff is
obviously driving the sales.

It is interesting to note that CivCTP, SMAC, and Heroes3 are also very
good multiplayer games, so I believe it is safe to say that the main
requirement for a good game is good multiplayer qualities.  And I
don't think LAN setup is enough, there need to be Internet game
servers backing the game.

> (I've got meetings with various publishers over the next month, I want a 
> decent thing to present them with)

Good luck!


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