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Re: DungeonMaker 1.0 released

On Friday 01 June 2001 16:45, Nick Mann wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Henningsen wrote:
> > So Mark thinks that would be useless because every gamer just wants
> > to score high and would subvert any such idyllic intentions I might
> > have. I think Mark may well be right, and I am considering scrapping
> > the whole evolutionary thing from DungeonMaker2. Is there anyone out
> > there who thinks it might be a useful feature to have after all?

Well, I for one play to have fun, i.e. I prefer atmospheric/nice/... 
levels over easy ones.

> That depends on what you're doing.  Admittedly I dont know what you're
> library is exactly, but since it's a library you've got two levels of
> users - the programmer, and the player.  If the programmer decides not
> to let the player use this feature of your library, then that's up to
> the programmer.   And if they want to use it themselves, say to use

Agreed. Let the game programmer decide. I think such a feature *is* 
useful and I'd like to see it in games.

Christian Reiniger
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