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Re: DungeonMaker 1.0 released

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> On Friday 01 June 2001 16:45, Nick Mann wrote:
> > On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Henningsen wrote:
> > > So Mark thinks that would be useless because every gamer just wants
> > > to score high and would subvert any such idyllic intentions I might
> > > have. I think Mark may well be right, and I am considering scrapping
> > > the whole evolutionary thing from DungeonMaker2. Is there anyone out
> > > there who thinks it might be a useful feature to have after all?
> Well, I for one play to have fun, i.e. I prefer atmospheric/nice/...
> levels over easy ones.
> > That depends on what you're doing.  Admittedly I dont know what you're
> > library is exactly, but since it's a library you've got two levels of
> > users - the programmer, and the player.  If the programmer decides not
> > to let the player use this feature of your library, then that's up to
> > the programmer.   And if they want to use it themselves, say to use
> Agreed. Let the game programmer decide. I think such a feature *is*
> useful and I'd like to see it in games.

I guess you should provide both the option for the game to make explicit
settings of all the parameters - and the option for the game to say "more
like the last one" or "less like the last one"...libraries should always
give the application direct control as well as higher level abstractions
wherever possible.

The *far* more important thing to make this useful is a way to control
the interior *look* of the rooms...for example, it would be cute if I
could provide a 3D model of a sample section of corridor, and a range of
rooms of differing sizes, 3D models of doorways and staircases.  Then
Dungeonmaker could build a fully fledged 3D model of the maze using scaled
and stretched versions of the basic 'toolkit' of models that I provided.

I understand that this is a fairly radical departure from the current
scope of the project - but that's what I think would be needed to make
it useful for the kinds of games I have in mind.  Other people's views
will vary of course.

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