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Re: Games, games and games

On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Steve Baker wrote:

>Well, anyway - getting back to the original topic of this thread - do
>we believe that a majority of Linux games players take the view that
>shallow games belong on consoles and there is a market for deeper games
>under Linux?

I'd rather have the deep games on Linux, i.e. games that require a mouse
and keyboard. For the brainless racing and blasting fun we have a PS2
connected to a large TV and good stereo.

But the market for those deeper games seems to after all be quite small.
How many players are there really that would buy these deeper games? I
would, but apparently the demand is very small, as the deepest games that
today are available are simple RTS and FPS games (simple in all but
graphics and sound).

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