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Re: Games, games and games

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Steve Baker wrote:
> I'd rather have the deep games on Linux, i.e. games that require a mouse
> and keyboard. For the brainless racing and blasting fun we have a PS2
> connected to a large TV and good stereo.

	IMHO, I'd like to see *all* types of games for Linux :) You see,
people's tastes are too diverse already without taking into account the
OS they use... Linux or not, we should have every type of game for every
platform possible.
	I myself prefer clever FPSs (like Thief: Dark Project, Deus Ex),
isometric-like RPGs (like Ultima Online, Baldur's Gate), other
isometric-like classics (UFO: Enemy Unknown (or XCOM), the Jagged
Alliance series), flight sims (space: Descent Freespace, more "classic"
styled ones: Crimson Skyes) and even the eventual classic 2D shoot-em-up
side or top down scrollers (like the wonderful R-Type and Raptor). But
then again, it's really hard to define exactly what I like - I like them
all, as long as well crafted and fun.
	So my point is: even gamers find it hard to narrow down their
preferences, so there's no telling what's better to make for a
particular OS. So why not do them all ? :)

Miguel Osorio.

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