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RE: Games, games and games

>>Well, anyway - getting back to the original topic of this thread - do
>>we believe that a majority of Linux games players take the view that
>>shallow games belong on consoles and there is a market for deeper games
>>under Linux?

>But the market for those deeper games seems to after all be quite small.
>How many players are there really that would buy these deeper games? I
>would, but apparently the demand is very small, as the deepest games that
>today are available are simple RTS and FPS games (simple in all but
>graphics and sound).

That it isn't true, there are a big market for those games.  Maybe the market 
for no-brain action games is bigger but Sid Meier's games are big hits 
without great graphics or sound.  

Those games ( like civilization) are based on the fun of the game itself not 
in the multimedia experience.  Of course any game can be improved with 
graphics but good games are good even without them ( or almost).

In Spain there is a company build up around one single game.  The game is a 
football (soccer) manager simulator.  In the game you sell/buy players, build 
up the stadium, make contracts etc.  Now they are in the 4th or 5th release 
and making several milion dollars a year the game is full of graphics, 3D 
players, etc but they are losing their market because the "brain part" of the 
game has not been improbed as much.

With the first release they make 6 million dollars in Spain alone, Italy and 
south america markets, ( I think I saw this number in a magazine).  Maybe 
this is nothing compared with other titles but it is money enough for an 
small company.

Fernando Delgado

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