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RE: Games, games and games

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Fernando wrote:

>Chakie wrote:
>>But the market for those deeper games seems to after all be quite small.
>>How many players are there really that would buy these deeper games? I
>>would, but apparently the demand is very small, as the deepest games that
>>today are available are simple RTS and FPS games (simple in all but
>>graphics and sound).
>That it isn't true, there are a big market for those games.  Maybe the market 
>for no-brain action games is bigger but Sid Meier's games are big hits 
>without great graphics or sound.  

You can't really mean that Sid Meier's games have been ugly when they were
released? Sure, if you look at the 320x200@8 graphics for the first
Civilization it's a bit ugly by today's standards, but at the time it was
state of the art. It even had sound. CTP had really good graphics,
especially when considering the amount of data that had to be visualized.
Or do you mean that a game today that has 2D gfx is by definition ugly?

>Those games ( like civilization) are based on the fun of the game itself not 
>in the multimedia experience.  Of course any game can be improved with 
>graphics but good games are good even without them ( or almost).

I think Linux would be ideal for heavy strategical/rpg multiplayer games.
Those I'd like to play on my linux box. I would buy games like Combat
Mission and Everquest (never tried it, but sounds fun). Games like Myth 2
are a bordercase, but I bought it just out of curiosity.

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