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Re: Games, games and games

Steve Baker wrote:
> Well sure - but the original question *WAY* back at the top of this thread
> was asking whether there might be some genres that Linux games players would
> be more likely to want than others.

	I see, I guess I missed that point :)

> Because there is VERY limited effort available to do the work.
> If you could find the one kind of game that a majority of Linux users
> would actually go and spend money on, you could make a fortune.  But if
> you write something that only 1% of Linux gamers would buy, you're sunk
> as a commercial enterprise.

	Still,  my point remains. It's very hard to define what people like to
play, because this varies a lot through time, it depends on a lot of
things - mainly hype: for instance, every time there's a major release
from a big game studio, chances are people will start talking about the
game, and will want to play. What I'm trying to say here is that there's
a lot of "mood swings" in this industry - one day it's FPSs, another
it's RTSs... Tough playing ground :)

Miguel Osorio.