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Re: Games, games and games

Achilles wrote:

>         IMHO, I'd like to see *all* types of games for Linux :) You see,
> people's tastes are too diverse already without taking into account the
> OS they use... Linux or not, we should have every type of game for every
> platform possible.

Well sure - but the original question *WAY* back at the top of this thread
was asking whether there might be some genres that Linux games players would
be more likely to want than others.

Given that there are only a tiny fraction of the number of people likely
to be buying a Linux-based game than (say) a Windoze game, it makes a lot
of sense to seek out the largest area of interest and to focus one's
attention to that genre rather than attempting a scattergun approach of
trying to write one of every type of game.

>         So my point is: even gamers find it hard to narrow down their
> preferences, so there's no telling what's better to make for a
> particular OS. So why not do them all ? :)

Because there is VERY limited effort available to do the work.

If you could find the one kind of game that a majority of Linux users
would actually go and spend money on, you could make a fortune.  But if
you write something that only 1% of Linux gamers would buy, you're sunk
as a commercial enterprise.

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