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New mailinglist: lgdc-news

... with automatic notifications on changes / additions to newsitems and 
resources. Once the remaining config fine tuning is done, subscribers to 
that list will get a mail as soon as something in the news and resources 
sections changes. A must-have for all self-respecting information 
overload junkies :)

The list is readonly (i.e. a pure announcement list).
Subscription: send an empty mail to lgdc-news-subscribe@sunsite.dk
Handling is identical to the other lgdc mailing lists (see 
http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/stuff/mailinglist.html )

("remaining config fine tuning": right now it requires that I moderate 
all autogenerated messages -> there's a small to rather big delay until 
the real mails are sent. Should be fixed very soon though).

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/)

This is JohnC IMHO, I compaired tri-word groupings here and in his plan
and got a good match.

- /. posting discussing the likelihood that an AC post that claimed to be
posted by John Carmack during his honeymoon (and having the login info at
home) was actually from him.