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Re: Slightly OT - compiling OpenGL program under Windows, using cygwin

Maybe I'm mistaken, but your problem could also be the folowing:
When using cygwin, instead of i.e.

gcc -lddraw -o foo.exe foo.c

you must use

gcc -o foo.exe foo.c /lib/w32api/libddraw.a

You don't really link the import libraries like a library,
but instead like an ordinary .o module.

Hope this can help you

       Jiri Svoboda

> Hi
> This message is slightly off topic, and I apologize in advance. However,
> for the rest of the week, I am forced to use a Windows workstation, and I
> might as well try and learn something/do something with it. So -
> I am trying to get my Linux OpenGL game to compile under cygwin. It barks
> at the -lGL switch. I have tried to use -lglut -lglu32 and so forth, but
> it seems that the symbols in mode .o files are of the form
> glBindTextured@8 whereas the symbols exported from the cygwin .a files are
> on the form _glBindTexture@8
> So, anyone knows what to put in as linker flags? Would make my time here
> more interessting.
> Thanks,
> Mads
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