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Re: "Tux Paint" alpha version available

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, nbs wrote:

> It's not exactly a _game_, but I thought I'd announce it here anyway. :)

You are aware of the kidgames mailing list and website? (It could use some 


> "Tux Paint" is a simple and fun drawing program gear towards
> children (e.g. 10 or younger).

> Work begin on June 14th.  Today, June 17th, the 2nd alpha version was
> released.  It is far from complete, but shows where the app. is going
> (and is quite usable for drawing simple images; it just can't save them yet)
Very impressive! A couple of comments:

- You use quite a lot of text. If you want to, please consider supporting 
foreign languages, or provide an option to not have any text at all.

- Perhaps the paint can would be better as a Crayon?

- When drawing lines with the large / brush, the intervals between the /
are quite different from the same intervals using the large \ brush

- Perhaps a fullscreen option would be great for the very small children, 
perhaps with a --noquit option that removes the quit button, only leaves a 
keyboard shortcut?

I do not know what else to add at this point, but it looks great and 
already is quite useful!


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