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Re: "Tux Paint" alpha version available

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 09:05:28PM +0200, Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, nbs wrote:
> > It's not exactly a _game_, but I thought I'd announce it here anyway. :)
> You are aware of the kidgames mailing list and website? (It could use some 
> traffic...)
> http://smluc.org/SIA/kidsgames/

Oh, actually, no.  I'm on Debian-Jr, Tux4Kids and was at one point
(and should subscribe again to) the SEUL/edu list.
I'll look into it, thanks!

> Very impressive! A couple of comments:
> - You use quite a lot of text. If you want to, please consider supporting 
> foreign languages, or provide an option to not have any text at all.

The text that go on the tool icons (e.g. "Brush", "Eraser", etc.) are
all part of the icons themselves.

It shouldn't be difficult (just a _little_ tedious :^) ) to provide
drop-in replacements for the icons which have different text/languages/icons
on them.

> - Perhaps the paint can would be better as a Crayon?

Hmm...  Yeah.  I could probably draw one better than that ugly
paintcan I have now. :)

> - When drawing lines with the large / brush, the intervals between the /
> are quite different from the same intervals using the large \ brush

Interesting.  They should be the same.  The drawing interval
(not unlike brush "spacing" in the Gimp) is based on the brush size.

The "/" brush and "\" brush are identical, other than the mirror-image,
so the spacing should be the same.

Were you drawing at an angle?  Try sweeping each brush in a circle.
In some directions, the line will look like:


In others, it will look more solid:




> - Perhaps a fullscreen option would be great for the very small children, 
> perhaps with a --noquit option that removes the quit button, only leaves a 
> keyboard shortcut?

Fullscreen is on my to-do list.  (It is actually supported, but there's
no option to enable it.  It will be a command-line option.
I may also add support for on-the-fly switching between windowed and
fullscreen, using, e.g. [Alt]-[Enter])

> I do not know what else to add at this point, but it looks great and 
> already is quite useful!

Thanks! :) :)  If you have (or know of any) children who can test it,
please do and let me know what they think!

I really need to add the 'Save' and 'Open' options soon.
I don't want too many people creating masterpieces and then getting
upset that they can't save them (other than to take a screenshot :^) )