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Re: "Tux Paint" alpha version available

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, nbs wrote:

> <snip>
> > Very impressive! A couple of comments:
> > 
> > - You use quite a lot of text. If you want to, please consider supporting 
> > foreign languages, or provide an option to not have any text at all.
> The text that go on the tool icons (e.g. "Brush", "Eraser", etc.) are
> all part of the icons themselves.

I was also thinking of the text in the bottom pane... :-)

> It shouldn't be difficult (just a _little_ tedious :^) ) to provide
> drop-in replacements for the icons which have different text/languages/icons
> on them.
> > - Perhaps the paint can would be better as a Crayon?
> Hmm...  Yeah.  I could probably draw one better than that ugly
> paintcan I have now. :)

What I meant was that small children will have tried paiting with a 
crayon, but might never have seen a paintcan.

> > - When drawing lines with the large / brush, the intervals between the /
> > are quite different from the same intervals using the large \ brush
> Interesting.  They should be the same.  The drawing interval
> (not unlike brush "spacing" in the Gimp) is based on the brush size.
> The "/" brush and "\" brush are identical, other than the mirror-image,
> so the spacing should be the same.

Yes. I tried drawing orthogonal to the major axis of the brushes.

> Were you drawing at an angle?  Try sweeping each brush in a circle.
> In some directions, the line will look like:
>   /
>     /
>       /
>         /

What I meant was that while was getting something like that for one, i was 
getting something like



for the other... 

It might be because I couldn't draw entirely correctly - it was more of a 
feeling. However, if, say, you are using int_x = (int) float_x somewhere, 
this could produce the kind of effect I am trying to describe, where a 
line drawn one way is slightly different than when drawn the other way.

> please do and let me know what they think!

I have a kid, 19 months old, dunno what he will think about it... :-)


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
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