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Re: "Tux Paint" alpha version available

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 10:21:07PM +0200, Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> I was also thinking of the text in the bottom pane... :-)

Ah, indeed.

Yes, the text there is all described in "tools.h", which can be given
#ifdefs, or simply replaced with new versions for the target locale.

The text for the stamps (e.g., when you click the moon, it says something
about the moon) are in .txt files that live with their respective .png's.

One can presumably have a "tuxpaint-shapes-space-en" package,
a "tuxpaint-shapes-space-es" package, which differ only in the .txt files.

> What I meant was that small children will have tried paiting with a 
> crayon, but might never have seen a paintcan.

Good point. :)  I wonder if it'd be inappropriate to keep the current
"bloo-woop!" thick, bubbly paint sound effect if I change it, though. :)

> It might be because I couldn't draw entirely correctly - it was more of a 
> feeling. However, if, say, you are using int_x = (int) float_x somewhere, 
> this could produce the kind of effect I am trying to describe, where a 
> line drawn one way is slightly different than when drawn the other way.
> [children]
> > please do and let me know what they think!
> I have a kid, 19 months old, dunno what he will think about it... :-)

Hehe :)  I guess I should say "3-10 year olds" is the target audience.
Sound good?

(Of course, I met a kid yesterday that's 2-and-a-half, going on 6.
Too bad I don't have a laptop.  I bet she'd've dug it.)