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Re: Gaming projects

KANE Aaron wrote:
Given the countless discussions, design work and coding that my friends
> have done, we were alittle surprised to find a similar project recently..
Does any know of a good ~semi~ complete listing of Linux gaming projects??

...it's a database that contains a *vast* number of Linux game projects,
there were well over 1000 games listed there when I last looked.  It's
impossible to know whether it's complete or not - but most games
that have reached some kind of 'runnable' state are there.  Maybe 10%
of them are actually good, playable games.  Another 10% of them are
Tetris clones.

Then there is:


...click on 'browse' in the menu and then on Games/Entertainment and
you'll see over 2000 projects that have at least reached the stage where
they are worthy of announcing on freshmeat.  There are more projects here
than on HappyPenguin because FreshMeat tends to get announcements that
include a lot of unfinished/abandoned projects that'll never amount to
anything - but which have at least done enough work to be worth announcing.

Another place to look is on SourceForge - if people have been filling in
their TROVE reports correctly then you can look here:


...and you'll be able to look in the 'Games/Entertainment' section and
see a list of about 10,000 games projects...but probably 80% of those
are games that havn't gone anywhere since they were started and have
no code or art or anything worth even thinking about.

There is a LOT of stuff out there - and at least 99% of it is crap.

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