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Re: Gaming projects

> There is a LOT of stuff out there - and at least 99% of it is crap.

Unfortunately. Most of the time it's not the programming which kills the 
projects, though. We're still missing artists. I've started to go through 
great efforts to get artists for my current project. Although I'm developing 
exclusively on Linux, I also provide Windows versions of the engine so that 
at least artists and musicians can keep their familiar working environment. 
And the best surprise of all is that it works although I never tested this 
thing in native Windows.

I also have to give up on the idelogical part of "free gaming" if I want to 
succeed. The artists ususally love to see money for their work - at least 
those with reasonable talent. Having nothing to offer for them, it's quite 
difficult to build up a good team.

The more experience I gain, the more I recognize the need to do game projects 
on a commercial basis. It sounds bad. And it is even more disappointing.