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sdk comparison on webpage

If the new webpage is gonna be done in php/sql, I have a possible idea

A chart that compares and contrasts the different sdk's and api's. Have a page
that lists the different api's (including some non-linux ones for comparison),
the user checks off all the ones that they want compared, hits submit, and it
pops up a grid comparing different features of different sdk's

             SDL      clanlib        DX
stable       1.0.?      .x?          7.0
developmnt   1.1.?      .5            ?

linux         X          X            
windows       X          X            X
mac           X          X
beos          X          ?
fbsd          ?          ?

Language      C         C++          C++?

fullscreen    X          X            X

not only would this let potential game writers/producers get a quick indication
of the abilities of different sdk's, but the sdk developers could see what
others have that they don't... ?

I'd imagine it'd be relatively simple to implement. A single table would do,
Possibly have a 'grouping' (like by version, os, input, audio), and 'GROUP BY'
on those, then build the <TABLE> from a few "SELECT"s

just an idea :) I'm just getting back into php again, so I'm not exactly sure
how the php side would go, but the dbms side would be pretty simple and
straightforward (and would allow the list to be extended... add new
os's/features to be compared). 

        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

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may result in severe boredom or confusion. Shake well before opening. Keep

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