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Re: sdk comparison on webpage

Erik wrote:

>A chart that compares and contrasts the different sdk's and api's. Have a page
>that lists the different api's (including some non-linux ones for comparison),
>the user checks off all the ones that they want compared, hits submit, and it
>pops up a grid comparing different features of different sdk's

Sure. Do you want to work on it (& maintain the data) ? ;)
Actually that's quite similar to what I planned to do anyway, someday when
I've got enough time. See http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/database/ for
some more info.

>I'd imagine it'd be relatively simple to implement. A single table would do,
>Possibly have a 'grouping' (like by version, os, input, audio), and 'GROUP BY'
>on those, then build the <TABLE> from a few "SELECT"s

Well, it's a bit of work to properly design the table layout (what has to
go in? how to represent features - There's tons of possible features &
feature sets are constantly changing etcetc) and to write the PHP code, and
it's quite much work to keep the data up-to-date.
On the other hand, a PHP-based approach would allow the individual SDK
developers to maintain the entries of their libs directly, i.e. without
going over our "sdk-list maintainer" - which saves us of most of that work.

Again - I'd greatly appreciate any help with this, be it DB table design or
PHP coding or data maintenance or just "simple" planning.

>just an idea :) I'm just getting back into php again, so I'm not exactly sure
>how the php side would go, 

The maintenance part (adding / editing SDKs' entries) is very similar to
what we already have for newsitems & (soon) articles etc (not really
copy-and-paste, but very close), so that's simple.
The display part needs to be somehow sophisticated, but I guess that's also
rather on the easy side.


PS: I plan to have an archive of the site's PHP code for download later,
when everything works. If there's interest in the code sooner, just mail me
(or Paul).

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