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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

Keith Lucas wrote:
> > When your car starts shuddering
> >and shimmying at 62mph, you don't just shrug your shoulders and make
> >sure you drive at 61 or 63.
> Actually I do exactly that. I then take it to the first authorised dealer I
> find, park it outside, tell them to fix everything that needs fixing and then I
> carry on the journey by taxi.

Right - but you don't just keep working around the problem until the
car destroys itself in a fiery wreck.  That's what's happening with
your Linux box.

> I couldn't get Tux to compile because I've got an old linux system. I don't have
> hours spare each day to run this "catch-up" race with releases of things.

So you avoid the couple of hours it takes to unstall a shiney new copy of
SuSE or RedHat or something - and as a consequence waste ten times as long
struggling to install packages that are utterly confused by the piles and
piles of little workarounds you've done to get the previously built stuff

I think you may be overestimating the time it takes to install a clean new
copy of Linux.  Back when you last did it, it *WAS* a serious pain.  But
on a modern distro, you can get up and going in 20 minutes.

I recently installed SuSE 6.3 on a laptop that had never run Linux before.
I did it while waiting in line at the Schlotsky's drive-thru window one

Once everything is installed cleanly, you can dump a new package on very
quickly.  Most libraries you need are either pre-installed with the OS
(if you had enough disk space to go for a maximum install) - or easy to
get of the CD-ROM.

> {Mind you, come to that I find it no longer compiles it's own kernel, so that
> might get rectified. Of course, without a LAN, or a working tape drive, I can't
> back up the existing system in order to install a new OS on it. I've come to the
> conclusion that the simplest thing to do is buy a new hard disk and start from
> scratch.}

Having two hard drives (one for your stuff - the other for the OS and crap
you downloaded from the web) definitely makes this easy.
> I did mention this before. About not having time to beat things into submission.
> And when things don't install, I tend to just regard it as being the fault of
> that box. In the past I've mentioned to people about FOO din't install under
> slackware 1.BAR and they go "WTF are you still running that for?" so these days
> I don't.

Spending a couple of hours installing a clean modern OS will help IMMENSELY
and more than pay for itself in saved time downstream.

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