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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

>You might also want to stop and ask yourself how come all those thousands
>of other people have it running OK - yet it won't build on your machine.
>For VERY new software, that's likely to be simply that it's badly broken,
>but for something that's been around on the net for a year or more, you
>have to suspect that there is something broken on your machine - and that
>says that you should try to see why.  When your car starts shuddering
>and shimmying at 62mph, you don't just shrug your shoulders and make
>sure you drive at 61 or 63.

Actually I do exactly that. I then take it to the first authorised dealer I
find, park it outside, tell them to fix everything that needs fixing and then I
carry on the journey by taxi.

But that's me.

I couldn't get Tux to compile because I've got an old linux system. I don't have
hours spare each day to run this "catch-up" race with releases of things. Stuff
gets installed, made working and then stays there for years. I've got scripts on
the thing that date from 1994. The last OS upgrade was to 2.0.34, the last time
I changed anything major was when I re-installed Mesa so it supported the 4meg
Voodoo card I just bought, back when that was cutting edge. The last hardware
upgrade was a new fan after the thing failed after 260 days uptime.

I mean, I have a better machine - one that's likely to run Tux, but it doesn't
have a LAN connection to the machine with the modem in it, it doesn't have a
modem itself and it currently doesn't have a working hardware Mesa. Because I
don't have time to get it working.

{Mind you, come to that I find it no longer compiles it's own kernel, so that
might get rectified. Of course, without a LAN, or a working tape drive, I can't
back up the existing system in order to install a new OS on it. I've come to the
conclusion that the simplest thing to do is buy a new hard disk and start from

I did mention this before. About not having time to beat things into submission.
And when things don't install, I tend to just regard it as being the fault of
that box. In the past I've mentioned to people about FOO din't install under
slackware 1.BAR and they go "WTF are you still running that for?" so these days
I don't.

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