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autoconf help?

Hey all,

I've started trying to write a proper autoconf script for my portable
game toolkit. I think I'm starting to get it figured out, but since I only
have one system to test it on, I have no idea if I'm catching all of
the necessary conditions. I was wondering if anyone would be kind
enough to download and test the build out on their system and let 
me know how it goes?  As an alternative, are there any guides out
there that cover setting up autoconf scripts? I've done some poking
around but I haven't been able to find anything more useful than
the info pages.

The site for the toolkit is http://www.379.com/gut/

Since I've got your attention, any and all feedback on the package 
would be greatly appreciated. I've gotten some responses from the
Win32 version, but I haven't heard anything from the Linux community.
The thing might not work on any machine but mine, for all I know. ;)

Thanks for your help,

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