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Re: speaking of bad releases...

Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

>> Funny to have a thread about buggy releases right now...
>I take it you refer to the thread about "tuxracer" that is now mostly
>about problems with compiling and running games, etc.

Yup. Sorry, Steve, it really wasn't meant that way. I just was in a real
baaad mood at that time..
BTW: After I sent that mail my home LAN server crashed, taking my
desktop machine with it. The hardest crash I experienced on a Linux system
so far (except for some Oopses in misconfigured kernels). Glad that I'm not

>I just want to say that I personally does not think
>tux_aqfh/tuxracer/pingus are "buggy" - but that it is - for some - rather
>tricky to make them work.


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