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Re: Tux Racer 0.10 Released

>I know this sucks, but : "Get another ISP". Seriously. That is not the
>kind of service you would want.

Hahahahahahahahaha. This is the UK.

We don't have ISPs with clue. Linux users connect to Demon and lie to them about
what OS they have. (Mostly because Demon will issue us with fixed IP addresses.
So we don't have to mess around with DHCP.)

Other ISPs won't support systems as radically non-standard as Windows NT.

We're in "it comes on a CD, installs IE5 and you can have 5 email addresses"
territory here. You mention SMTP to them and they boggle. As far as they're
concerned POP is what a balloon does near a spike.

The ones that will deal with people who might be using Linux charge more than I
want to be able to afford.

>RedHat has a long story of not including stuff that is not open
>source. Since Glide has not been until recently, I assume that it is one
>of the reasons that the did not include the package.
>Glide is now open source. You can get rpm packages at

Well, yeah, *I* can - but this might limit the market a bit... it complicates
further getting OpenGL stuff installed on a user's machine.

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