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Re: autoconf help?

Lutz Sammer wrote:

> > Yes. Just to make things clear, I like autoconf very much and heavily
> > recommend its use. I would also recommend automake if it could generate
> > different styles of Makefiles, but I do not, since it only does
> > recursive Makefile (and very complex ones at that, they take a
> > relatively long time to parse).
> I can only recommend using autoconf, if you only plan to port to unix.
> Much fun with autoconf, if you plan porting to mac or windows or want
> to crosscompile.

Yes, for Unix it is very good. I heard some people could use it on
Windows (using the Cygnus GNU toolset for Windows), but I'm not counting
on this. We made Visual C++ project files for Windows, and I guess we
would do MPW or CodeWarrior project files for Macintosh (if we supported

One of the main goal of autoconf was supporting crosscompiling, so I
assume the support for crosscompiling must be good, but I can't say, we
do not use it.

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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