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2D shoot em up (R-Type style) project openings

Hey people,

	I have this project going on for some time now, and we are looking for
some able minds and hands to help us get this going. As this msg subject
implies, it's a 2D sidescroller shoot em up game, and the projects
current status is: we have a level editor in alpha stage, a partially
complete graphics engine (with full support for bitmaps and sprites,
plus the sidescrolling engine) and a developing storyline.
	Our current team consists of: two designers (storyline, concept and
gameplay), one programmer (graphics engine) and two artists (generic
artwork, concept art).
	We have the following job openings: 2D artist (mainly tile design and
creation) and programmer (generic, C/C++). If you don't fit into any one
of these two, you can still apply and have a chance of joining (we'll
take it case by case). This is a "free-I-love-making-games-for-fun"
project, which means no one gets paid and the game will be distributed
for free. But, as you may notice, it's also a
"heck-I-want-to-learn-with-others project", which means everyone gets a
chance to speak up their ideas on any aspect of the game.
	If your interested in joining, please e-mail me in response, telling me
your skills and what your interested in doing for the project. Note that
this is strictly informal, which means you don't have to send me a full
resume and stuff.

Thank you for your attention,
Miguel A. Osorio.

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