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Please help!!


I want to make a small functioning 3D game for the sake of fun and
learning. Its basically a RPG and I have a vague outline of the story. But
I am still unable to know what all logical steps go into making every
scene in a 3D game.

I have worked out small 2D games like Pacman in java, a card game in
Gtk(mostly AI), an asteroid based game in Dos way back and have worked in
OpenGl(small 3Ds). Although I have read partially about SDL, Crystalspace
and twilight3d but still I am NOT ABLE TO SOLVE/THINK out 
* how things fit in to make a scene and ultimately a game. 
* What all should I be careful about when making a scene 
* whether I use 3d polygons at all places or sometimes use sprites.
* if to use any library like crystalspace which is a good one.

Also, please lead me to a game where they use all 3D(not space games).



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