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Re: a book or tutorial

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Mark Collins wrote:

> If you're coding for the x86 architecture, it'll never be obselete.
> (And I don't care about Linux running on a Mac, an Amiga, or a fscking
> PalmIII).

Which is exactly where our opinions differ. Frankly, the 286 and 386 do
not have a lot in common with a pentium III - and even less with its
succesors. (BTW, Quake did not run well on a 486/dx100 in 640x400. It
could almost do 320x200 in 15 fps, but Quake needs a pentium pipeline and
FPU to perform reasonable).

FYI: I am doing my own development on a PPro 232 MHz, with 2 VooDoo 2 3D
card. This setup gives 39 fps, timedemo demo1, in Quake 3 in 800x600.
People are giving cards like that away, because they are obsolete. Writing
your own code to draw lines simply is not worth it, IMHO. Assume nothing
about the CPU. Assume 3D hardware. Continue from there.


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Today, the record companies are saying MP3s are the biggest evil. Tomorrow 
they're going to say they're the greatest thing when they figure
them out.
                               - Gene Kan, Gnutella developer

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