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Re: a book or tutorial

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:

>FYI: I am doing my own development on a PPro 232 MHz, with 2 VooDoo 2 3D
>card. This setup gives 39 fps, timedemo demo1, in Quake 3 in 800x600.
>People are giving cards like that away, because they are obsolete. Writing
>your own code to draw lines simply is not worth it, IMHO. Assume nothing
>about the CPU. Assume 3D hardware. Continue from there.

Yes, this is MHO too. If you do games/graphics/sound today you'll not do
it all from scratch. Why should I try to do the lowlevel pixelwanking when
there are packages out there that do it faster, easier, more portably that
I could imagine to do within a reasonable timeframe, and they do it now?

Do anyone code his/her own PNG-loaders? I also assume nobody does lowlevel
sound stuff either? And why would anyone try to reinvent the OpenGL system
with an own version?

I'm all for *knowing* something about what goes on behind the scenes in a
graphics/sound subsystem, and it is good to know some line-drawing
algorithms, but it's not necessary to implement them. It's very important
to learn something about basic transformations in 3D and sound mixing
theory, but it's plain silly to reinvent the wheel and do them manually.

Oh yeah, Quake I was too slow and too dark, so I never enjoyed it, and it
didn't run too well on my P90.

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