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Re: a book or tutorial

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Mark Collins wrote:

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> > Wow Mark. If your 486's were that good, I'd love to see your Pentiums:)
> > My memories of Quake on a 486DX/100 are squinting at a 160x120 window
> > running at about 20fps:)
> I was doing Quake II fullscreen on the same PC... 12MB of RAM too... I guess
> I just know how to configure a PC...

Yup - even better than John Carmack and Mike Abrash:

Quake System Requirements
IBM PC and Compatibles
Pentium processor or better
VGA Compatible Display or better
8MB RAM minimum, 16MB recommended (16 MB required for running under Win95)
CD-ROM drive Required 
MS-DOS 5.0 or better or Windows 95 (does NOT run under Windows NT)
Hard Drive (30MB for Shareware, 80 MB for Registered)

*** IMPORTANT!: Quake requires a floating point processor.
Systems that do not have an FPU installed will not run Quake -- at all.

The above is from the original Quake "readme.txt"

And, from "techinfo.txt":

Quake's graphics should be adequately fast in mode 0 (320x200) on all
Pentium-class machines. 


Video Bug Reporting

If you encounter a video-related bug, please fill out the form found at
the end of this file and e-mail it to support@idsoftware.com.  There are
several problems that are not bugs, and shouldn't be reported, including:

* sluggish performance on 486s


By the way, a good 486 machine works nicely as dedicated server.

And, now I guess I am about as off topic as I dare go.


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
Sending Blizzard 100,000 e-mails isn't going to get Starcraft ported to
Linux. Selling 100,000 copies of Quake III is.

            - Scott Draeker, Loki soft, on advocating for Linux games.

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