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Re: a book or tutorial

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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 10:15 AM
Subject: Re: a book or tutorial

> On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Mark Collins wrote:

> Yup - even better than John Carmack and Mike Abrash:
> Quake System Requirements
> -------------------------
> IBM PC and Compatibles
> Pentium processor or better

> VGA Compatible Display or better
Cirrus Logic GD5420

> 8MB RAM minimum, 16MB recommended (16 MB required for running under Win95)

Running under Win95? Well, under DOS I had about 10 frames per second in a
really small Window, and Windows was just really really slow. However, on
Linux, which has decent memory management etc etc, it ran quite well.

> CD-ROM drive Required
Piffle. Copy everything to the hard disk and it runs much faster.

> MS-DOS 5.0 or better or Windows 95 (does NOT run under Windows NT)

> *** IMPORTANT!: Quake requires a floating point processor.
> Systems that do not have an FPU installed will not run Quake -- at all.

DX had a floating point

This performance gain under Linux for games like Quake and Quake II (I ran
Q2 on the same box no problems) is one o fthe reasons I used Linux.  I don't
know what it is that makes games run so much faster, but it's something, and
it's a good thing.

When I upgraded to a P120 (I was piss poor at the time, I was only like 16)
I had a decent framerate in 640x480. Infact, the only problem I did have was
the game was running a little too fast, and the video card couln't keep up
(there was loads of tearing at 800x600, which was running around 25fps)


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