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Test a bug for me?

I'm seeing some problems in my code that I *think* might be caused 
by SDL. I was wondering if anyone here would mind running a quick 
test for me? I put some binaries (I'm also curious if my binaries 
will work on other systems) at 
http://www.379.com/download/forkdemo.zip. It's 600K, unzip and run 
it with './f4 fork.lua'. You should be able to fly the "plane" 
around with the arrow keys (the artwork was done by my son, so I 
can't take credit for it <g>). On my system, the animation is very 
jerky. It seems that SDL is taking a very long time to deliver 
events. Not sure if it's SDL, my system, or my code. If it runs okay 
on other people's systems, that would help narrow it down.

Thanks for your help,