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Re: Test a bug for me?

Hmmm. It's very smooth on my end.
I'm running an AMD 800 Duron box w/RH7.2 and a Riva TNT2 graphics card.
SDL Version 1.2.2-3 and nvidia drivers

On Friday 01 March 2002 05:14 am, you wrote:
> I'm seeing some problems in my code that I *think* might be caused
> by SDL. I was wondering if anyone here would mind running a quick
> test for me? I put some binaries (I'm also curious if my binaries
> will work on other systems) at
> http://www.379.com/download/forkdemo.zip. It's 600K, unzip and run
> it with './f4 fork.lua'. You should be able to fly the "plane"
> around with the arrow keys (the artwork was done by my son, so I
> can't take credit for it <g>). On my system, the animation is very
> jerky. It seems that SDL is taking a very long time to deliver
> events. Not sure if it's SDL, my system, or my code. If it runs okay
> on other people's systems, that would help narrow it down.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jason
> 379