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Re: Poll: Is console alive?

Francesco Orsenigo, Xarvh Project wrote:
GPM is no more mantained, as the author thinks console is obsolete.
Is really the text console condemned to death and oblivion?
I think it's heading that way...and I agree that it's a shame to lose it.

I do almost everything, from programming to music playback, under text console, as i find it far more flexible and efficent than a GUI like X.
You can still open lots of text windows that completely fill the screen - and
switch between them using keystrokes (or the mouse)...what's the problem?

Moreover, i find programming the console framebuffer much easier than programming graphic under X, and about ->10 times<- faster (even if it depends greatly on the hardware beneath it)
Try doing efficient 3D on the console!  I guarantee that OpenGL is
a hundred to a thousand times faster on modern hardware.

Even for 2D graphics, you see OpenGL being increasingly used because
it's blindingly fast and hardware (and operating system) independent.

The only thing you can probably still do better is text - but since
filling the screen with text takes the minutest amount of time on
any reasonably modern hardware (console or not), it's hard to get
excited about that.

Come on, console is one of the greates power unix has over windoze!
I disagree.  The only thing I use the console for these days is
diagnosing problems with X-windows startup and system boot.
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