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Paul Tiseo wrote:

> At 01:40 AM 5/1/99 +0200, you wrote:
> >I think the current "real one fades to wireframe" tux is nice.
> >Maybe someone can build a highres version...
>         Thanks. I figure it captures the idea of what's going on with our site.
> Could you define "highres"? I can work Tux over so that he looks
> presentable... :)

All art looks better when it can be on my desktop :^)
Ok seriously, maybe just a little bit bigger ?..  When super-saturated
(making it nearly white) it could maybe also work as a nice background
for the page (you know with the typical bumpmap filter on it or something :)
And ofcourse highres versions are nice when we start selling Tshirts :) hehe..