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Re: Why not to fear LGD.. - heading for final draft.

Johnny Taporg wrote:

> Err, um... I'll go a step further.  A poll on slashdot
> is, scientifically speaking, a very uncredible study.
> Mentioning the poll works fine for evangelical
> purposes, but isn't particularly useful for convincing
> a skeptical audience.

Hm, I'm not sure about this.  It would obviously give you
very skewed results if slashdot were a hardcore gamers site,
but it's not.  It's maybe a hardcore linux site, so I don't think
the answers would favor "yes I'll pay for a linux game" just
because those guys would do anything to get a game.
On the contrary perhaps, the slashdot people are strongly
opposed to anything that's charged for (usually), so you would
actually expect them to say "no cause I don't pay for anything".
The latter "RMS" effect may cancel out your worries :^)

Just my 2 cents..