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Re: Why not to fear LGD.. - heading for final draft.

Johnny Taporg wrote:

> > Hm, I'm not sure about this.
> I am. :)

Wow, for the record, I'm not doubting the fact that
*scientifically* speaking this poll is total crap.  I know
that one needs to take all kind of statistic precautions etc,
I was more referring to the reliability of the poll.  It's not
sound, but still sortof reliable.  I think.

Well what do I know :)

> conclusions from it, either way.  So, while the
> results
> are pleasant sounding, they won't convince a skeptic.

But they might convince a manager ;) ;) ;)

> Would you be interested in hearing specific criticisms
> of the study, by the way?

Ehm... not really :P

Cya.. :)