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Re: GNow

Bert Peers wrote:

> Michael Dale Long wrote:
> > There is also the 2D renderer in Crystal Space.  It has the advantage of
> > being platform independent.  Although Crystal Space is a 3D game engine,
> > you can use the 2D renderer separately if you aren't wanting to use 3D
> > graphics.
> Do you mean there's a separate 2D interface, or are you referring to the
> "technique" of using a 3D engine with all-billboards ?

There is a seperate 2D interface. But remember that although it is indeed
platform independent it is currently not very powerful. The main reason
is that it is currently only used for supporting the 3D renderer and drawing
text and lines. 2D sprites are also supported by the 2D interface.

But it could easily be extended of course.


> Bert