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Re: Update on website design

Paul Tiseo schrieb:
>         Well,
>         Until the issue of another WAD is resolved, I will continue whipping the
> site up. I have added the nav bar, but it doesn't link to anything since we
> don't yet have content. It has been relocated to:
>         http://heaven.gofast.net/~alphadog/LGDC/main.html
>         Feel free to peruse, make suggestions, etc...

* There are no images. none. Perhaps related to the move to a subdir?
* webmaster@linuxgames.org still is an invalid address as linuxgames.org
is still down. linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk is better for now.
* Robīs article: The section headings are smaller than the body text

>         Do we have anything finished that we can begin adding?

This stuff from the old site should be ok to add:
gameprojects/* ?? (Rob?)

BTW: Bert, did you have a look at http://sunsite.auc.dk/tools/index.html
? (from the old site)
It IMHO contains a quite good intro on for that section and has some
nice structuring...